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Suleman Faisal

Suleman Faisal’s work explores latent aggression held within humans and objects. He identifies hidden violence within socially accepted activities, such as cooking, hosting or manufacturing, using this as a way to open conversations into seeing things from another perspective, power balances and tools as artistic objects. Faisal is influenced not only by his experiences working in Pakistani toy-making and plastic industries, but also driven by his interest in the diverse socioeconomic conditions in his home city, Lahore.

Suleman Faisal works between sculpture, video and performance. Faisal graduated in 2017 with distinction in Fine Arts from NCA, the leading arts university in Pakistan, where he then taught for three years. He has taken part in artist residencies at Vasl Artist’s Association, Karachi (2020) and Pioneer Cement Factory, curated by the Canvas Gallery, Karachi (2017). Faisal has showcased his work in group exhibitions including ‘For the Wicked and the Valiant,’ O Art Space Lahore (2021), ‘A Site for the Sight,’ Lahore Biennale (2020), ‘Microcosm II,’ AAN Gandhara Art Space Karachi (2018), ‘Transition in Time,’ Zahoor ul Ikhlaq gallery NCA Lahore (2018), ‘Four Rooms,’  Lahore Biennale at PILAC (2018), and ‘Beneath the surface,’ Canvas Gallery (2017). Faisal has been commissioned to produce public realm works and monumental projects in Pakistan and he was awarded the Khuram Kasim art Foundation award to produce his forthcoming solo exhibition at Canvas Gallery, in Spring 2021.



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