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Saphy Vong

Saphy Vong is a Cambodian sound and visual artist born in a Thai refugee camp after his parents fled the Khmer Rouge, and grew up in the suburbs of Nancy, northeastern France. His unique musical outlook fuses the experimental and DIY ethos that can be found in both the local Nancy punk and grindcore scene that embraced him as a teenager, and the sounds broadcasted from Cambodia into his home through his parents pirated tapes and videos of Khmer pop, karaoke, monk chants and movies.

His recent project Neo Geodesia has been dedicated to fusing experimental electronic processes with traditional Khmer music and exploring the far edge of sonic expression to include noise, folk, ambient, metal, Bek Sloy, funeral Smot, Khmer karaoke love songs and Roam Vong.

Over the years, however, he has focused his approach less upon heaviness than slipperiness, granular textures and head-spinning polyrhythms.

Active for more than a decade under the alias Lafidki, he has produced, composed and released electronic music for Orange Milk Records. He and his music has been featured in Resident Advisor, NPR, Mixmag, The Quietus and Bandcamp Daily. He currently lives in London and runs the multidisciplinary Asian platform and record label Chinabot, on which he released his latest album 2562 Neon Flames.



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